Terms Of Service

By using the Credified website or Service, you agree to be bound by the following terms of use or disclaimers. If you disagree with the terms of use, then you may be prohibited from accessing the Credified website, services, and content. It would be best if you discontinued using the same with immediate effect.

Credified reserves the right to update or change the terms of use from time to time without prior notice. Any new features that enhance or modify the current service terms, including the release of new resources, shall be subject to terms of use. Meanwhile, continued usage of such services with the changes indicated will show as the consent to such changes.

Registration & Creation of Accounts
You must be a human and not a robot. Registration with a "bots" account using an automated method will not be permitted. Any individual, a person must be of the age of 13 years or more to use this Service. You need to provide your full name with a valid email address for registration purposes. Any other information required to complete the registration process is requested, should be provided.

A single login will be assigned to an individual or a single person. The terms do not permit the login shared by multiple people. In such cases, you may require registering for separate logins for the people you would like. You have the responsibility to maintain your account's security and the password set during registration. Credified is not liable for any loss or damage if you fail to comply with such security obligations.

You are solely responsible for all the content posted or undertaken within your account. It also includes the content or actions done by others who have access to your account. You cannot take someone else's identity, thereby misrepresenting yourself while using the Service. If you have a free account, you cannot block the ads. As a person or single legal entity, you are not permitted to sign up for more than one free trial account.You are not authorized to use the Service for unauthorized or illegal purposes. It would be best if you did not violate the laws in your jurisdiction, including but not limited to the copyright laws.

If there are any violations to the above-said agreements, it will result in the termination of your registered account. Meanwhile, Credified prohibits such action related to the content of the Service, and you agree that Credified is not responsible for the content posted on the Service. Furthermore, you may still be exposed to such material but decide to use the Service at your own risk.

Payment Terms
Credified terms dictate that we accept the following forms of payments - VISA and Mastercard. As an individual or person, you may require to purchase some of our services by paying the fees. The fees charged by Credified are for the purchase of services that may be renewable monthly. The license to use our services or access to the content at the Credified website does not include counseling, assistance, or advice.

When you agree to pay as per the terms, you agree to provide accurate information about your account for all the purchases made via the Credified website. You agree to update your account and payment information, including payment method, card information, card expiry date that helps complete transactions. You will be billed from an online billing account and the information you shared with us for purchases made on the Credified site. If deemed required by us, we may change the prices and add sales tax to the payments. It shall be made in US dollars.

Cancellation Terms
You are responsible for canceling your account correctly. For this purpose, Credified does not consider requests received via email or phone calls to cancel your account. You can click on the My Account tab shown at the top of the menu navigation to cancel your account. This section will ask you some questions based on the cancellation request. Once the account is canceled, all your content, including text, files, etc., is immediately deleted from the Credified user database. Such information is not recoverable at any point in time after the account is canceled.

If you opt to cancel your account before the end of your paid-up monthly subscription fees, Credified takes it as immediate cancellation. You will not be charged again, but you are responsible for all the payments done previously. There are no chargebacks, and Credified will not continue providing the Service to such customers.

Account Termination
Credified has the right to suspend or terminate your registered account at its sole discretion. Termination of Service will deactivate or delete your registered account, thereby prohibiting your access to the account along with forfeiture of all content linked to your account with Credified. Credified can refuse any or all usage of Credified services for any reason at any time. Credified also reserves the right to not allow or refuse Service to any individual or person for any reason at any time.

Refund Policy
If you are already a paid subscriber with Credified, you can cancel the same at any time by logging into your registered account. You have to click on the cancel button in the billing and payments set. Your cancellation will take place once the end of the payment term has been reached.

For refunds, if you are not satisfied with Credified services, you can at any time email us to contact@credified.com to get the refund initiated. The refund policy Credified allows you to receive the same ONLY within 30 days of the fees charged for your paid subscription.

It is implausible; however, the terms of use may be changed at our discretion at any time. If Credified updates the terms of Service, we will post the updates on our website.
If you have any queries about our Terms of Service, the website's content, or dealing in activities, please send us an email to contact@credified.com

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